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Sklenka, Steve


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Sklenka, Steve


Calgary Chess Club

The Calgary Chess Club is officially CLOSED until further notice due to the COVID-19 crisis and current government and health advisories related to social distancing and the closure and cancellation of all non-essential businesses, events and group activities. Our online event registration system at Events has been disabled accordingly. We are refunding entry fees in full for those who have already made payment for any of the now cancelled events. For more information and to expedite your refund, please contact

We are actively monitoring all related announcements and health advisories, and will announce here when the club is expected and able to continue normal operations. Until then, stay safe and healthy!

Sklenka, Steve

Grand Prix Leg #2

Repeat Winner
Calgary Chess Club

Rex Yumen repeats as Grand Prix winner by defeating Maxim Vasic in the final round and reaching a perfect 5/5. The latter ended tied for second at 4/5 with FM Dale Haessel. Patrick Angelo Tolentino was top U2000, Avery Li top U1750, Phil Evans top U1500, while our youngest junior Conor Pavl claimed his first section win by sharing top U1000 with Zeeshan Munir.

Nearly 30 players participated in the event, with the Tuesday evening Grand Prix series very much in a period of rapid growth and popularity. Unfortunately however the next leg of the series has been postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 crisis. For more information about event re-scheduling and club hours please refer to our Blog.

Sklenka, Steve

Alberta Blitz Championship

Aditya Raninga

Five participants in the 9-player event were rated above 2000 Elo, which made the resulting triple round robin a competitive affair. Split into a morning and an afternoon session, the players contested 23 rounds in total! Predictably, the top rated players occupied the top places at the end of the day.

Sklenka, Steve

Alberta Rapid Championship

Calgary Chess Club

Butch Villavieva's path to the title was an interesting one, meeting four juniors in a row. Young April Wang, who showed her talent by winning two games of her own in the event, was the first to concede a game against the eventual winner. We expect her to climb the ranks quickly! Next came a loss to Patrick Angelo Tolentino, who somehow manages to defeat players in the 2300 Elo range more often than his own rating would suggest. Impressive!

Tournament Reports

Reports on recently finished events at the club and elsewhere. We try to cover major tournaments with participants from the Calgary Chess Club.

Edmonton WBX

Battle Stations

I was pretty excited about the tournament, but not expecting our team to win a prize. Our average rating was after all relatively low, as the young and inexperienced team members consisted of Anand Rishi Chandra, Hemant Srinivasan and Jerry Ming. We were underdogs for sure!

Grand Tour Leg #3

Old and New
Calgary Chess Club

As predicted yesterday, the 2019 Grand Tour came to a close with FM Dale Haessel claiming another crown. Behrooz Ebrahim Shirazi came second, followed by Roham Eslahpazir in third, and then Andrew Chen and Roy Yearwood in fourth and fifth, respectively. Top U2000 went to Brian Miller and the U1750 prize to Nerio Sibulo. Avery Li claimed the U1500 prize, while the Unrated trophy went to Rex Yumen.

Grand Tour Leg #2

Behrooz Ebrahim Shirazi

The event featured a total of 22 players, notably missing FM Dale Haessel who is presently away and competing at the World Seniors Championship. He played only three of the five games. Instead FM Fred South joined the Grand Tour and thus became the highest rated player in the competition. With Behrooz Ebrahim Shirazi also joining, the overall Grand Tour title this year looks up for grabs!

Grand Tour Leg #1

The Finish Line
Calgary Chess Club

FM Dale Haessel defeated Anand Rishi Chandra in the last round to secure victory. Meanwhile Fred South, one of Calgary's all-time top players, drew his game against Behrooz Ebrahim Shirazi. The remaining legs of the Grand Tour promise to be competitive, with no less than seven players rated over 2000 joining the chase for the overall top prize of $450. In total, $1200 are up for grabs. The Grand Tour Leg #2 starts October 22, 2019.

Battle of Alberta

Battle of Alberta - Team South
Calgary Chess Club

For me the Battle of Alberta started sometime in May when I offered Omid Malek help with the organization of the tournament. Gathering historical results going back to 1996 uncovered that North and South each won nine events until 2013, followed by a run of five consecutive wins by team North. Team North, in fact, has utterly dominated the entire last decade.

My lofty if not impossible goal was to bring the Cup back to Calgary. Step one was to sign up two of our strongest players and Battle of Alberta faithfuls FM Gary Ng and FM Ian Findlay. Unfortunately neither was available due to prior commitments. FM Alex Yam on the other hand, in spite of a long period of inactivity, agreed to join the team over a cup of coffee.

It is possible to trace by way of last winter's Tournament of Legends Blitz event and the Kings vs Princes competition that followed it, the return of several very strong Masters to active play. Some have done so after decades of inactivity, and their success at the Battle of Alberta provides ample proof that new programs at the Calgary Chess Club are paying dividends.

Canadian Seniors Championship

FM Victor Plotkin, FM Ian Findlay

The 2019 Canadian Seniors Championship took place August 2-5, in Kitchener Waterloo, at City Hall. Two sections of 50+ and 65+ were joined by a sectioned tournament going on at the same time.

After winning in 2018 with a perfect 7/7 I knew I had my work cut out for me, given this year's 4th seed ranking compared to 1st seed at last year's tournament. The event gets stronger every year, marking this year the strongest field in the history of the 50+ section.

Kings vs Princes

Kings vs Princes
Session 20

Saturday brings the long awaited Battle of Alberta, followed by the Calgary Chess Club Annual General Meeting on September 24, 2019.

Aditya finally put an end to Fred's winning streak by converting a favourable rook and pawn ending where his two advanced pawns were stronger than Fred's three pawns. Anand won the rubber match against Roy, closing out their games with 3/5, and giving the Princes a rare victory over the Kings this week.

Calgary International IM

Calgary International IM

Games from the event can be viewed live on and

After much drama and adventure, young Ian Zhao finally landed in second place with 7/10 and a 2538 performance! Along the way he collected a FIDE FM title, and a first IM norm on his path towards the International Master title. A fantastic performance at any age, and one that we most heartily congratulate him for!

Canadian Youth Championship

Ian Zhao for example remained unbeaten, won first place in the U14 Section with 6/7, and showed great maturity in dominating tough opposition.

The Canadian Youth Championship has always been a very challenging event, and this time was no different. The tournament took place in Regina, Saskatchewan from July 7-10, 2019. One thing we definitely noticed was that players from Alberta are now competing on at least equal footing with their counterparts from the larger and formerly dominant centers of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver etc.

Alberta Closed

Alberta Closed

Omid Malek persevered with an impressive 4/5 total to convincingly win the 2019 Alberta Closed! Along the way, Omid defeated top seeds Gary Ng and Rafael Arruebarrena as well as recent World Seniors Championship participant Dale Haessel. Alberta Junior and Alberta Open Champion Ian Zhao, who is just 14 years of age, came in second with 3.5/5 followed by Edmonton's Rafael Arruebarrena at 2.5/5 in third.

Tournament of Legends Blitz

Tournament of Legends Blitz

Ted won the Best Hair contest hands down, while Rob Hawkes won Best Tie with Steve Sklenka offering the only competition. Probably Steve's decision to purchase this accessory at Woolworths had something to do with the outcome!

The South brothers offered a suspicious sibling draw in the last round that is currently being investigated by a hastily established ethics committee. Meanwhile the Deep Rust Award remains up for grabs, with Gordon Campbell claiming the inside lane after the first of two sessions.


Maybe you have an idea for a regular column? Let's talk!

Diary of a Woodpusher

Chapter 2
Pawn Song
Sean Perron

I have decided to change my approach to chess studies a bit. An experiment if you will. To put it bluntly, and kindly, in the past my efforts were rather scattered. I would look at a little of this and a little of that, but bouncing from idea to idea does not allow the targeted concepts to take root. Which, perhaps, has resulted in the broken expert player you see before you today!

And so I am resetting the table. Instead of flitting from topic to topic, it is time to immerse myself in one aspect of the game for a prolonged period of time and really understand the concept in full. The topic in question is pawn structures.

I have confessed before to having holes in my chess education and, frankly, the biggest gaps involve my understanding of pawn structures. The whole game revolves around whatever skeleton of pawns we dangle out there, and the more familiar you are with them the better.

Diary of a Woodpusher

Chapter 1
Pins and Kisses
Sean Perron

Greetings fellow chess players! First and foremost I'd like to extend a massive thank you to Calgary Chess Club President Steve Sklenka and our webmaster Neven ... for this opportunity to contribute to the site. Steve, you have been exceedingly gracious and accommodating. Neven, thank you for all the help and advice, for proofing the articles and publishing my drivel for all the world to see!

The crux of everything I want to discuss boils down to how we can improve? I would like to visit the topic of plateaus and how to push beyond them. From time to time I will wax philosophic about fantastic books I think the world should read, DVDs you should consider, chess software and setups, using tech in your preparation, reviewing games that made an impression, and so on.

Early History 1930 to 1971

Branimir Brebrich

Looking for a chess club in Calgary, some fifty years ago, was an adventure! There was enough interest in playing chess with friends or family at home, but to play in a club, that was something different. Somehow, around fifteen brave players found each other and gathered every Monday night in Maccabees Hall on Fifth Avenue between 9th and 10th Street SW. This was the year 1968.



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