Nov 30

Christmas Party is on Saturday December 15 at 7:00 pm

By Steve Sklenka
Our annual Christmas Party and Awards Ceremony will take place on Saturday December 15th at 7:00 pm. Please see the Calendar for more details.  
2018-11-30 05:00:19 by Stefan Sklenka

Oct 13

Ian Zhao wins 2018 Alberta Open

By Sammy Yao
Ian Zhao is the youngest Alberta Open chess champion in the history of the tournament at 13 years of age! Previously only Richard Wang of Edmonton came close when he was the co-winner in 2013 at the age of 15. This stunning result will surely go down as one of key events in Alberta chess history. Congratulations Ian!
2018-10-15 01:19:41 by Stefan Sklenka

Oct 6

Alberta Open

By Steve Sklenka
The Alberta Open is getting closer. Time to mark this exciting tournament on your calendar. Or better yet, you can register to play on the Alberta chess association website here: 


We hope to get few friends from Edmonton, and other parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C. Visit our “new” chess club and enjoy the atmosphere!
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2018-09-08 07:07:46 by G W

Sep 7

Annual General Meeting

To all the CCC Members. Please note that the Annual General Meeting of the Calgary Chess Club will take place on Tuesday, September 18th at 6:15 p.m. There may be a brief discussion of topics of interest by the attending members. This will be followed by the election of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and three Directors. All members in good standing with a current CCC membership, regardless of age are eligible to vote or run in the election for a position on the Board. The 3rd game of Leg #1 of the Calgary Chess Grand Tour will commence right after the AGM at about 7:00 p.m.

2018-09-08 07:54:12 by Stefan Sklenka

Aug 31

The first 2018 Calgary Chess Grand Tour is starting September 4th

It’s official. The first 2018 Calgary Chess Grand Tour is starting September 4th and will continue for 15 weeks till December 11th It will be CFC/FIDE rated tournament with 90/30 time controls and refreshments. There will be three Legs of five games each. One “Leg” is equivalent to one tournament. Only 2/3 best results will count toward the final standings. This way players will not be penalized if they miss one leg or if they have a particularly bad result in one of the Legs. The prizes will be same as in the Grand Prix with minimum $1000 in total prizes plus $400 to the winner of the Tour. There will be separate Leg Prizes as well. 
2018-09-01 10:34:58 by Stefan Sklenka

Aug 18

Calgary International Open

Date: August 18 & 19 

Location: Calgary Chess Club, 3359 27 St NE, Calgary, AB 

Time Control: G/90 minutes, 30 seconds increment from move 1. 

No On-site Registration 

Maximum capacity is 20! 

Please register at https://www.calgarychess.com/CCC/event/Registration/2700

Rating: CFC/FIDE. CFC membership is required and will be available for purchase on-site. You can purchase CFC membership online at: http://chess.ca/products/membership-fees 

Format: Open Swiss. Maximum capacity 20 players!. 


On-site check-in: Saturday, August 18, 9:15-9:45 

Saturday June 18 rounds: 10 am, 2 pm, 6 pm 

Sunday June 19 rounds: 10 am, ~2 pm 

Registration process: $30 entry fee ($31.50 including online fee). $35 after August 16th (if spaces are still available!) You must pay in order to be registered! Payment can be done at: https://www.calgarychess.com/CCC/event/event/2700  Players who register will be paired even if they are not present. 

Prizes: Entry fees less $5 ACA dues. Cash prizes will be split evenly in case of a tie. 

Byes: Up to 2 half point byes for rounds 1-4 if requested before the start. 

Late policy: Forfeit after 60 minutes elapsed after the start of the clock.

2018-08-15 11:43:58 by G W

Aug 2

Lecture “how to beat a grandmaster”

At 6:30 pm Thursday August 2nd, IM Leon Piasetski, one of top Canadian chess players for many years, is going to be holding a lecture on “how to beat a grandmaster” at the Calgary chess club. Tons of valuable chess information will be presented. The cost is $10/person. Then at 7:30 pm Leon will conduct a simultaneous chess exhibition. The cost will also be $10/person. This promises to be an exciting evening for all chess lovers. Everyone welcome.
2018-08-02 06:05:32 by G W

Jun 11

Calgary Girls Chess Camp

Calgary Girls Chess Camp is designed for ages 8-16. The camp will feature a mix of group work led by team leaders, lectures from Woman International Master Agnieszka MatrasClement, casual and serious games, game analysis, a simul, and more! 

2018-06-11 02:56:06 by G W

Jun 9

2018 Calgary International Qualifier & Fundraiser

Event details and registration:
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2018-05-31 05:57:58 by G W

May 28

Website Upgrade

By Guoliang Wu
Please note that we are upgrading Calgary Chess Club's website, it will take a few days to have all the information up to date. Thank you for your patient.
2018-05-29 08:50:02 by G W

Dec 26

2017 Pan-Am Youth Championship

By Frank Kluytmans

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2017-12-22 08:07:37 by Frank K

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