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The Name of the Society is: THE CALGARY CHESS CLUB
1. The club’s membership fee shall be $30.00 per year for adults and $25 a year for juniors (under 20 years of age) and seniors (over 55 years of age) , or such other amount as may be determined from time to time by club members at a general meeting. Any person living in Alberta may become a member by agreeing to abide by the club’s rules and policies, and by paying the fee. Persons aged under 18 years or over 65 years may be eligible for a reduced fee as determined at a general meeting. Additionally, club dues shall be charged to players using the facilities and equipment of the club. Current dues are $2.00 per evening, with a reduced rate of $1.50 for persons aged under 18 years or over 65 years.
2. Any member wishing to withdraw from membership may do so upon a notice in writing to the executive through its secretary. Any club member or executive member may be suspended or expelled from membership for any cause which the club deems reasonable, upon a two-thirds vote of club members in good standing present at a special club meeting duly called for the purpose.

3. The executive shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and three directors each holding office for a term of one year.
4. The executive shall, subject to the bylaws or to directions given by a majority vote at any club meeting properly called and constituted, have full control and management of the club. Executive meetings shall be held as often as required, but at least once every three months, and shall be called by the president. A special executive meeting may be called on the instruction of any two executive members, provided they request the president in writing to call such a meeting and state the business to be brought before it. Executive meetings shall be called by ten days’ notice in writing mailed to each member or by five days’ notice by telephone, fax, E-mail or in person. Any three members shall constitute a quorum. Meetings may be held without notice if a quorum of the executive is present, provided that any decisions at such a meeting shall be ratified at the next regularly called executive meeting; otherwise they shall be null and void.

5. The president shall be a member of all committees. He shall, when present, preside at all club and executive meetings. In his absence the vice-president shall preside at any such meetings, and in the absence of both the meeting may elect a chairman to preside.

6. The secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all club and executive meetings. He shall have charge of the club’s seal under the executive’s direction, which seal whenever used shall be authenticated by the signatures of the president and secretary, or if either dies or is unable to act, of the vice-president or treasurer. In case of the secretary’s absence, his duties shall be discharged by such officer as the executive may appoint. The secretary shall have charge of all club correspondence, under direction of the president and executive.
7. The secretary shall also keep a record of all club members and their addresses and telephone numbers, and give all notices of the various meetings as required. He shall also collect and receive any annual club membership fee, such monies to be promptly turned over to the treasurer for deposit in a chartered bank or trust company as hereinafter required. The secretary shall also be responsible to ensure that club tournament directors have sent all appropriate and timely tournament reports, memberships and fees to the Chess Federation of Canada.

8. The treasurer shall receive all monies paid to the club and shall be responsible to deposit them in whatever bank or trust company the executive may order. He shall properly account for club funds and keep such books as the executive may direct. He shall present a full detailed account of receipts and disbursements to the executive whenever requested including at tall executive meetings, and shall prepare for submission to the Annual General Meeting a duly audited statement as hereinafter required of the club’s financial position and submit a copy to the secretary for the club’s records.

9. The treasurer’s books and accounts shall be audited at least once each year by a duly qualified accountant, or by two club members chosen for that purpose by the Annual General Meeting (in default of which the executive shall choose the auditors). The auditor shall submit a complete and proper statement of the standing of the books for the previous year to the Annual General Meeting. The club’s fiscal year each year shall be August 1st to July 31st.
10. The club’s books and records may be inspected by any club member at the Annual General Meeting. Any club member at his or her written request may attend that portion of an executive meeting dealing with the accounts, and inspect the accounts presented. Each executive member shall at all reasonable times have access to the club’s books and records.

11. The club shall hold its Annual General Meeting in September of each year, of which meeting due notice shall be given to all members. At this meeting members in good standing shall be elected to fill the executive positions. Those members eligible to vote must have attended the club for at least two months before the meeting. Any executive vacancy occurring during the year may be filled by the appointment of the executive until the next Annual General Meeting.
12. Club meetings may be called at any time by the secretary upon the instructions of the president or executive. A special meeting shall be called by the president or secretary upon receipt by him of a petition signed by one-third of the members in good standing, setting forth the reasons for calling the meeting. The executive may deliver notice of the Annual General Meeting or any club meeting or special meeting by posting it at the club while the club meets for at least three consecutive weeks before the date of the meeting being announced.
13. Ten members in good standing shall constitute a quorum at any club meeting.

14. Any member who has attended the club for at least two months and who has not withdrawn from membership or been suspended or expelled as herein provided shall have the right to vote at any club meeting. Such votes must be made in person and not by proxy or otherwise.

15. Unless otherwise authorized at any meeting and after notice of same has been given, no executive member or club member shall receive any payment of club funds for his services. However, on submitting a written statement to the executive, a member may be compensated for authorized expenses incurred in club work.

16. To carry out its object of promoting chess in Calgary, the club through its executive may borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as it thinks fit to a maximum of $1,000. Money over $1,000 may be borrowed, raised or secured and debentures may be issued, but only with the sanction of a special resolution of the club.

17. The bylaws may be rescinded, altered or added to by a special resolution of the club. A special resolution must be passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of the members entitled to vote and present in person at a general or special meeting of which notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution as a special resolution has been given.

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